Savant Systems designs, develops and manufactures a complete suite of software and hardware solutions for the connected home and commercial automation and control applications. Savant’s progressive platform cohesively addresses control, automation, audio/video, telephony, digital display, lighting control, energy management and the media integration needs of today’s most advanced environments. Through tightly integrated use of Apple technology, they have leveraged the familiarity and intuitive nature of the iPad and iOS family of devices to address the user interface demands of today’s discerning consumers.


Through ongoing innovation, they continue to define the future of control and automation for residential and commercial applications.

SmartSystems are sold globally through a network of authorized integrators. Contact Couture AV to discuss with one of our Savant trained engineers or project managers, or to request a case study of an installed system outlined the benefits of Savant.

you can find out more about Savant by visiting their website:

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