We were recently called to to a premises where the owner was not satisfied with the cabling another company had installed for his multiroom audio/video and home cinema systems.

We went to site to check out the cabling that had been installed and were shocked to find that what the client had complained about was actually true. The other company involved had used 3 core stranded mains cabling to link the speakers in the home cinema and more worryingly had used CCA (Copper Clad Alluminum) structured cabling around the home.

CCA cable is about as nasty as it gets when talking about structured cabling. this stuff pretty much falls apart in your hands when you’re working with it. Here at CoutureAV we don’t even see where the market place is for it other than people trying to save a bit of money and install an inferior system.

Needless to say, the cabling is about to come out and the other company are no longer involved in the project.

If there is just ONE  message to take away from this, it’s that you should always check the quality of the cables being installed and where possible get the installer to agree to a cable specification. If you see CCA anywhere take a step well back!

The CoutureAV Team