Working with architects, Couture AV are able to bring technical knowledge and expertise regarding audio and video installations. Whether it be designing the correct cable routes or specifying the correct materials to use for an acoustically beautiful dedicated cinema room.

Architects often work tirelessly on creating the designs you are after. Often they have a vision and we work with them to ensure that their vision is still met with the inclusion of home integration technologies. Lighting is, and always has been a key aspect of the final design. By working with Couture AV you and your architect can bring your lighting designs to life with the use of a dedicated lighting system or in addition to a home control solution.

Many times to keep to the architect’s vision we have to be as discreet and as seamless possible with our work. We offer many solutions to achieve this, one major product that both client and architect love are invisible speakers. These incredible products do exactly as they say on the tin. Speakers that are plastered over leaving a finish that just looks like a wall of ceiling. Find out more about them here or check out the products menu section above to see the other great products that we carry.

We also offer a CPD to architects, find out about it here

If you are an architect or would like us to work with your architect on a project, please contact us or call on 0845 557 8242