We love to work with Interior Designers. Our strength is technical and much of our equipment is hidden and out of sight. While we focus our efforts on making sure that the client has the best sound and vision, and the most intuitive way to control their environment, we rely on others to help to steer the aesthetic aspects of a project.

Typically most of the electronic hardware is out of sight in a rack or plant room. The cabling is routed behind walls and under floors. Many speakers now can be either blended in with the walls or ceilings, or even rendered ‘invisible’! We have also installed electric screens that disappear into the ceiling void when not in use. Working with a talented interior designer can add a real wow factor to a project, and helps create a truly unique end result that should reflect the client’s personality.

If you are an interior designer, we would love to hear from you to discuss how we can work together to create a first class experience for your client. If you have a project, and would like to work with an AV integrator who can communicate effectively with your designer and other project consultants, then we would like to discuss this.

The CoutureAV team are passionate about the projects we are involved in. We have a lot of expertise in our own field, and respect interior designers and other project professionals who can bring their expertise and flair to the table. Together we aim to make the end result greater than just the sum of the parts.

If you’re thinking about including smart home technologies into your designs, please contact us here or call 0845 557 8242