Barco Digital Cinema

From its early origins building high end radios in those beautifully crafted wooden cabinets that were genuine works of art in the home, Barco became a technology leader in state-of-the-art professional visualization for a wide range of applications such as Digital Cinema, 40% of today’s cinema screens are equipped with Barco`s Digital Cinema projectors.

Celebrating Barco`s unique 80-year legacy, Barco Residential returns to those origins by bringing the very pinnacle of our image and sound technology to the high-end home cinema, creating unique experiences to share with your loved ones.

Based on Barco’s unrivalled technology leadership, innovation & craftsmanship seen in their Digital Cinema range, Barco Residential products and technologies are custom designed and built in Barco’s European Design Centres in Belgium and Norway, for the world’s highest quality level in of image and sound. Together with an exclusive network of partners who deliver tailor made solutions, Barco Residential will irrevocably change the home cinema experience.

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