Cineversum Home Cinema Projectors

Cineversum have been involved the residential home cinema industry from its very beginning. Their long experience with the most sophisticated CRT installations, whether for home cinema or for professional applications is a major asset when it comes to choosing and integrating the newest technologies. The Cineversum engineers have tested, selected and designed the finest technologies available in the industry, that will turn your home cinema room into a high cablibre couture experience.

More than a brand, Cineversum is a concept. Put simply, Cineversum is Home Cinema par Excellence. The Cineversum Blackwing Series projectors are based on a reflective technology that features three Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) panels. Adopting a three-chip design is the insurance to get a pure and vivid picture in any circumstances.To help you explore all these different installation possibilities and choose the optimum for your specific requirement, the Cineversum solutions are available through carefully selected and highly skilled Home Cinema Authorised Dealers, such as Couture AV.

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