Home Cinema design and installation is an area that CoutureAV specialise in, along with control systems.

We will help you to make your dream a reality, and can advise on options from the ground up if this is a new project, or can help you to refresh your existing setup if you want to bring things up to date.

Every project is different, so depending on the space available, budget and preference we can listen to you to gauge what you want and can advise on how feasible this will be. We are keen to manage expectation, so where budget is limited or the space available is restricted, we will make you aware of what is realistically possible.

While Home Cinema (or ‘Home Theater’ as it often referred to in the U.S.) is sometime associated with big blockbuster action movies, if properly designed your project can be a very versatile, multi-use space. As a ‘Media Room’ you can also use it for immersive video gaming, or if you love music, then it can be used for very high quality audio playback, or for watching live concert footage of your favourite performers. Whether you love your movies, sports events or live music you are guaranteed the best seat in the house!

From a relatively low budget cinema room with surround sound to an absolute top of the range custom cinema, we can design and install an absolutely mind blowing experience. Why not contact CoutureAV to have a chat with one of our Home Cinema specialists?