Distribution of video around the home is not a new idea, in fact we’ve all been doing similar things for years. For example, one TV aerial serving more than one TV. Building on this very basic concept Couture AV are able to distribute high definition content around the home too. Employing technologies from the likes of Wyrestorm, we are able to centrally locate all of your High Definition/HDMI sources (Bluray, Sky, Freeview HD, Movie server) and distribute them to any number of TV’s.

Back view of a young man watching a big TV panel

By centrally locating all your equipment you are able to have a clean and satisfying area in which to live, without all the usual cables sitting in a tangled mess.

The one requirement from you is that you contact us at an early enough stage during your refurb or new build project, this allows us the time to design and install the cables required to achieve the perfect finish.

If you’re thinking about the installation of a multiroom video system, please contact us here or call 0845 557 8242